Welcoming a child into our family is an incredible experience.  We feel humbled and grateful that we have been entrusted with this tiny person. At the same time we feel hugely responsible and completely inadequate.  We want to be the best parents possible and rise to the challenge.

At such a time we look for some kind of a public ceremony.  We want an event that will mark this important arrival and will help us express the various emotions we experience. Traditionally in Scotland people have looked to their local church to provide this kind of occasion for their child, themselves and the wider family.

People use different words to describe such a ceremony – christening, blessing, baptism, and dedication for example. If you think The Reid might be able to help you see how what kind of ceremony our Church might offer that is appropriate for your family, please contact us (link to Contact page).  The Church of Scotland’s Crossreach  also provides support  for Post Natal Depression (link to http://www.crossreach.org.uk/our-services-0).