Morning Worship

We have weekly morning services at 11:15am on Sundays to which all are welcome.

After Welcome and Intimations, our church service follows a regular format.

You can view this Sunday’s Order of Service by clicking here

You can listen to our most recent Sunday services by clicking the audio link below.

Order of Service is available here

The Communion service

The Communion service is a short extra service held once a month as an extension of the main service, or in our small Sanctuary after the main service. Communion is a celebration of when Jesus broke up some bread and offered it as a symbol of his body, which he sacrificed on the cross before his resurrection; he then went on to share some wine as a symbol of the blood he was to shed for us [Matthew 26:26]. Communion is a more solemn type of service, open to all who would like to mark and share what Jesus did for us in a spirit of love and friendship. The wine is non-alcoholic, by the way.